The Challenge

Kentucky Cardiology is a successful practice with two board certified physician-owners, Dr. Avi Eres and Dr. Mubashir Quazi. Accredited by IAC for quality patient care in echo, vascular, PET, and nuclear cardiology, the practice is committed to serving patients and their community.

To help maintain their superior standard of cardiovascular care, the practice chose to implement a cloud PACS solution. They initially chose a different vendor, but after three months of struggle, the system simply didn’t work. Practice administrator Stephanie Stephens reported that the previous vendor’s system failed to auto-populate data from the ultrasound machines. Unable to fix the problem, the

vendor’s only solution was to require a cumbersome, manual work- around, which cost the practice valuable time.

Frustrated with this experience, the practice turned to Core Sound Imaging with one simple request, bring us a system that works and implement it without additional headaches.

The Solution

To guarantee a hassle-free implementation, the Core Sound Imaging team focused on ensuring that all measurements, patient demographics, and other study data would reliably upload from the practice’s ultrasound machines to the Studycast system. In addition, the team delivered

Studycast system with cardio- and vascular-specific worksheets and reports

Accreditation reports to help improve efficiency

Full training for 24 practitioners and office staff

Implementation Time: 19 days

“Studycast is phenomenal – the product, the service – everything.”

– Physician-Owner, Dr. Avi Eres
Kentucky Cardiology

The Results

In less than three weeks, the Studycast system was successfully receiving study data from the practice’s three Toshiba Aplio cardio and vascular ultrasound systems. To streamline the workflow even more, worksheets and final reports were configured to reflect the practice’s exam protocols, and the system was set up to notify physicians automatically when exams were ready for interpretation. In addition, the Studycast system provided regular administrative reports for quality assurance and practice management, which enabled improved oversight of both operations and clinical quality.

After receiving personal training from a Core Sound Imaging training specialist, physicians and the staff transitioned to the Studycast system’s optimized workflow with no hassles, no headaches, stress free.

Two years later, both physicians are still impressed with the solution and the Core Sound Imaging team. Dr. Eres reports that the Studycast system not only streamlined the workflow but also helped improve patient care. He adds, “Studycast is phenomenal – the product, the service – everything.”

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