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The Studycast system offers so much more than just echocardiography reporting templates. It’s a comprehensive imaging solution that goes from order to EMR in a single intuitive workflow you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. 


  • Meets or exceeds PIPEDA and HIPAA requirements
  • Enhancements are automatically delivered every few weeks so your solution always remains current
  • Remote access and post-exam measurements and calculations can help shorten exam times and reduce exposure for both techs and patients (Learn more)

More than 60 study-specific worksheets/templates

  • Echo (transthoracic, transesophageal, and pediatric protocols)
  • Stress Echo (exercise and pharmacologic protocols)
  • Fetal Echo
  • Exercise Tolerance Testing
  • Nuclear

View from anywhere with no special software to install

  • View images and loops right in your browser from any computer or tablet
  • Stress echo viewing protocols
  • Annotate, download, and share images securely

Post-exam measurements and calculations

Need to double check a measurement?  Or get a calculation you couldn’t get during the exam with an uncooperative patient? (Especially helpful for pediatric exams)

No problem.  Take the measurements in the Studycast viewer.  You can even generate and save calculations to the study worksheet and final report.

Build quality structured reports with fewer clicks

Studycast worksheets provide a flexible, configurable template for documenting findings and building a high-quality report.

  • Measurements populate automatically from the imaging device
  • Quickly review and carry forward findings from a previous exam
  • Generate findings and conclusions with just a click – or write your own
  • Save custom findings and conclusions statements in a list for later use
  • Approve a normal echo exam in two clicks

Many more time-saving features designed specifically for cardiology

  • Pediatric echo reporting including Z-scores
  • Stress reporting for treadmill only, stress echo, and nuclear stress
  • Auto BSA indexing with normal values that are BSA- and gender-specific
  • Interactive diagram for perfusion and function reporting with auto statement generation
  • Single portal for imaging studies and diagnostic tests, including Holter and EKG
  • Reporting for vascular studies included at no additional cost
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