Core Sound Imaging, Inc the provider of Studycast – an industry leader in cloud image storage and reporting solutions – announces the release of their Echo SmartWorksheet Update. Among the new features and functionality, Studycast echo reporting integrates all 2015 ASE guidelines for Cardiac Chamber Quantification.

The Studycast Echo SmartWorksheet is the only reporting solution on the market today to display gender/BSA/age-based normal ranges on the final reports based on patient data for the current exam, providing a cleaner and more accurate result. Studycast’s efficient ‘SmartSearch’ feature, abnormal value alerts and layout customization are among the wealth of features that have caused existing clients to consistently call this the “most comprehensive tool on the market”.

Core Sound Imaging is able to include integration and support for such newly published guidelines in the service they provide to their clients in large part because of their agile product development team. Based in our Raleigh, NC office, the development team at Core Sound Imaging is committed to responding to customer needs through an iterative development process.

In addition to new ASE Guidelines, 2015 has brought some exciting innovation to all Studycast SmartWorksheets. This echo worksheet is only one of the new updates that were introduced to customers in 2015; this is just the beginning. The first quarter of 2015 saw updates primarily to cardiac and ob/gyn reporting solutions. The second quarter of 2015 will mark the beginning of a wave of Studycast vascular reporting updates that will bring innovation to this space as well.

Core Sound Imaging is committed to delivering the best quality service through Studycast. In addition to the renewed focus on enhancing the reporting experience, there are many other exciting products and features coming to Studycast. The year 2015 has a lot of excitement in store for Studycast clients, both new and old alike.

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