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Cloud PACS have made it easier and more cost-effective for radiologists to gain better image access. They are ideal for practices looking for a new radiology workflow solution that has a low cost-of-entry.

The secure digital connection allows you to store and send images and measurement data from the ultrasound machine to final distribution. In quality Cloud PACS solutions, the final reports are digitally signed and distributed; with an option for EMR integration. This convenience and auto-routing feature saves your staff time. Your practice will no longer need to store CDs, DVDs, or hand written tech sheets, nor pay staff to manually fax results.

Uploading your studies to the cloud allows you to have quick access to prior studies for a patient. This can be a real asset in cases such as treating a patient with cancer, and being able to quickly compare the size of their tumor before and after months of chemotherapy treatment.

Reporting remotely from outside your practice is another time saving feature of a cloud reporting solution. You can view your reports securely on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone instead of only on your workstation.

Another significant advantage of a Cloud medical image and storage solution is that it frees up your IT staff from handling daily backups, server maintenance, redundancy, and security measures. Additionally, if your facility has multiple locations you can share online infrastructure and storage. This can add up to large IT and equipment savings.

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