Creating CDs and videos, driving them to physicians, or packaging and mailing them to other reading physicians uses precious time that could be spent reading the study. Fortunately these time-consuming tasks are becoming obsolete. Medical imaging software removes the need for hard copies and transportation, drastically improving diagnostic imaging turnaround time.

Technicians perform thousands of diagnostic imaging procedures every year. Traditionally, these technologists would have to fill out worksheets by hand, manually transposing measurements gathered from the ultrasound which would lead to incorrect numbers because of human error. They would have to spend additional time waiting around for the doctors to come and view the open study and dig through stacks of CDs and videotapes if they wanted to reference earlier studies.

With web-based medical imaging software, however, high quality medical images are delivered fast and appear in the web browser as soon as they’re downloaded. Study data is already populated into the report, reducing the chance for human error as well as reducing time spent having to transpose figures. Voice recognition functionality can also be integrated to help complete the report quickly and without interruption to normal workflow.

Medical imaging software greatly reduces the time it takes to compare current and prior studies, a drain of a reading physician’s time as volumetric datasets increase in size and complexity and become routine.

Another major advantage of web-based medical imaging software is that it can be designed for incorporation into the existing PACS environment. This saves time for all staff involved because the seamless integration doesn’t disrupt workflow.

Completed studies using a web-based medical imaging software can then be easily transmitted with a click of a button. The study is then available for the physician to read on any computer. He or she can then immediately complete the report, reference earlier studies, and provide a faster (if not immediate) diagnosis to the patient.

Studycast® is the leader in SaaS diagnostic testing and medical imaging solutions. Studycast® uses the cloud for data storage and to allow technologists access and transmit ultrasound studies 24/7 from virtually anywhere. Traditional methods to transmit diagnostic studies could take up to an hour, while Studycast® studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.

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