Comprehensive PACS and Reporting — for Cardiac and Vascular Interventions

Scalable, consistent operative and diagnostic reporting across your network

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Streamline your workflow

  • Flexible, comprehensive reporting that quickly routes to your EMR — a bi-directional interface is available for a seamless workflow.
  • Combine IVUS, C-arm, and ultrasound images from the same exam into a single record. Include those images in your final report, or don’t – it’s up to you.
  • Quickly and securely share images directly to your referrers’ phone or email. Interactive diagrams and images can be annotated to provide further details.
  • Peer review included in standard functionality.
Studycast Angiography worksheet shown on a desktop monitor

Reporting with anywhere access.

You can securely log into a Studycast account from anywhere with internet access (at home, at the office, and even at a coffee shop). The cloud-based Studycast system makes it quick and easy it is to view your images and reports on demand.

Peer review, Training, Collaboration

Just one more way Studycast goes beyond PACS.

Need to verbally relay and document critical results?

Studycast makes this fast and easy to document and include in the final study report.

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Cardiac and Vascular Intervention


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